Hyge Straws

No More Soggy Straws!

Hyge paper straws are the first biodegradable straws to the market that don’t get soggy! This makes them the best plastic straw alternative on the market. Made of food safe biodegradable paper infused with our Patented Food Safe Wax Mixture these straws allows you to sip without worry.

Creating a website that is both fun and eco minded was a priority. Calm, professional blues mixed with innovative, fresh oranges and yellows were chosen to speak to our target market.

Since this sites purpose is to sell one product – differentiated only by quantity & color – it was important as a UI (user interface) minded designer to make sure the product was easy to find and readily available to “add to cart” directly from the landing page. With better design and user-friendly components we plan to increase brand recognition, what products they sell, and what sets them apart in the market.